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3 axis robot Three axis robot: marketing demo for Animated Industries.

Articulate movement, focus on function.

Poster size rendering of plans for a laboratory: created for Facilities Planning and Resources.

Discover your design in 3d.

Laboratory interior

Research Facility

Poster size rendering of plans for a research facility: created for Facilities Planning and Resources.

Study your building from various viewpoints.

Valencia United Methodist Church: Fellowship Hall, created for Ansman &Associates Architects.

Find funding for your projects.
Fellowship Hall

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Custom Window Extrusions, Inc. was founded in 1985, and is a member of Royal Group Technologies, the largest custom vinyl extrusion company in North America.

Revitalize your image.

Animation of the Chick Multi-Lok Workholding System.

Emphasize detail through camera movement.

Workholding system

Workholding system Chick Workholding solutions of Warrendale, PA found a solution for educating their clients, through interactive software. Animated industries was there to build the visuals through demonstrative movies.

Educate your audience.

Dr. Norman J. Zabusky of Rutgers New Jersey State University collaborated with Animated Industries for an artistic interpretation of research results.

Express your ideas.

Cosmic Vortex Projectiles

Cosmic Vortex Projectiles The "Cosmic Vortex Projectile" project examines recurrence and transformation of the "mushroom" form, as it relates to the life cycles of stars.

Explore the transformation.

Distinguish your company: define your image.

Think globally.

Earth and moon

Heart From the macrocosm to the microcosm: suspend your belief as you travel through interiors.

In a heartbeat.

Pneumatic motor: a prototype for a promotional product to be distributed at trade shows.

Demonstrate internal dynamics. Analyze the flow.

Pneumatic motor

Endmill Endmill experiment: coordinates machining code with visual representation of the object being manufactured.

Develop your process.

Celebrate your companies accomplishments and landmarks.
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Dramatize your event and captivate your audience.

12th anniversary

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