Hilary Shames
artist's statement

Artist Statement:

My work is about transformation and regeneration. It is about looking beyond the moment of existence and into the whole pattern of the structure of life and our environment in the natural world. From supernova transforming into nebula and back into gasses that come together as new stars, seeing this and the sperm egg relationship in infinite space. To the structures beyond the subatomic level where matter is formed in such theories as Super Symmetry and String Theory to application of natural geometries such as the Golden Section to back holes all the way into the structure of leaves, and further down into DNA. I believe all things are connected. Even into the symbolism developed in organized religion and mythology. I see both the world of spirituality and the world of scientific theory as being indemonstrably linked, even symartist's statementtic. I am fascinated by all processes of metamorphosis from the development of a chrysalis into a beautiful butterfly into the Phoenix rising from the ashes, to Christ's resurrection through revelation, to Shiva's creation and destruction of the universe. I believe all things are continually coming in and out of being, just as we are dying, still we grow and develop new life. All is in flux there is beginning and no end it is all infinite, kaleidoscopic. One big torus knot, or more simply a Mobius Strip, where one could follow the surface endlessly and never even grasp the whole of it all, to live as one with the great transformation, such is the life we are blessed with and all the knowledge that passes into and through us.

Hilary Shames (a.k.a. Langhorst), 638 Pine Street, Ambridge, PA 15003, (724) 252-6617