Hilary Shames
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"Spin Spun Span"
Installation (view 3)

Frick Fine Arts Building
The University of Pittsburgh

The artist’s SPIN on it….

“SPIN SPAN SPUN “ refers to the words themselves, their definitions and all of the associations and their threads.

The Web symbolizes both the Tapestry and the Tape: the Weave and the Weaver: the Mesh and the Enmeshed: the Spider and the Fly.

The “World Wide Web” is our metaphor for contemporary communication.

Grandmother Spider brought fire.

Penelope wove to delay her suitors and keep faith with Odysseus.

Princesses of marriageable age prick their fingers on spinning wheels and cursed, sleep for a century.

How come spiders are referred to as she? Is it the aged association of spinning?

In this respect “SPIN SPAN SPUN “ is of female gender, women’s work, as well as the Freudian phallic symbol and Jungian associations

…that SPANS my frame of reference…

…and now my story is all SPUN.

Technical background:

Site-specific “SPIN SPUN SPAN” was designed in 3D Studio MAX, a 3D computer-modeling program; the physical work was created by hand.

Hilary Shames (a.k.a. Langhorst), 638 Pine Street, Ambridge, PA 15003, (724) 252-6617